Savanna's Road To Becoming Healthy

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

This is my daughter Savanna. She is currently 2 years old. From the moment she was born there were significant issues that should have been addressed. It is now affecting her health in significant ways today. When she was born, I could not breast feed. It was so painful making it impossible to breastfeed. (Ladies! Breastfeeding is NOT suppose to hurt). I was advised by the lactation consultant that she may have a tongue or lip tie.

*These are stock photos of tongue and lip ties

The pediatrician quickly advised that it was no big deal and that it will resolve on it own and that the ties are not to blame. A week later she fit the perfect definition of "Colicky baby." Every night, she was non stop crying for at least 5 hours before she went to sleep. Nothing soothed her. The doctor told us to try gripe water, and eventually Ranitidine (known to cause Alzheimer's). While these worked for a short time, it didn't fix the issue and the issues came back. I kept asking myself, WHY. What is wrong with her. I wanted to help her so much, but did not know how. She has always been hyperactive, much different than her peers. She has always been a messy eater. I noticed around age 1, she developed into a mouth breather and she started to become a picky eater. Around age 2, she had delayed speech and her pediatrician sent her to a speech pathologist. She started to develop crooked teeth and developed a high narrow palate, which suggests low tongue posture. And recessed jaws. This is the point in time where I started learning about myofunctional therapy and how this was all connected. All of these signs and symptoms she was, and is experiencing, is due to her tongue and lip tie.

I first took her to an Ear Nose and Throat specialist to find the cause of her mouth breathing (was her adenoids or tonsils enlarged)? He wanted to first put her on an antibiotic and an antihistimine. I was thinking, how is this going to fix the long term issue? Once she stops taking those medications, she still going to mouth breath. I asked him to look at her tonsils and adenoids, that I wanted to find the root of the issue. He did. Her tonsils and adenoids were slightly enlarged and her nasal turbinates were smaller than average. After that, he said the only route was to put her on medication. ( I am not against medication, but this can cause severe decay). He did not want to give the referral for a sleep study unless she snores. At this point, I knew his recommendations would not help my daughter.

I got a second opinion from an AIRWAY Ear Nose and Throat Specialist. He said no medication is needed. He said her mouth is too small and needs a sleep study. That there are 80 sleep disorders and she doesn't have to snore to have a sleep disorder. He said it is critical that she be in a palatal expander at age 3 with myofunctional therapy. The palate of the mouth (roof of your mouth), is the bottom of the airways. When you expand the palate, it expands her airways.

*Stock picture of Palatal Expander

** to be continued.........Sleep study is underway and waiting until she turns 3!

Little did I know, the long and detrimental road she was about to experience had we not addressed the issues. These issues would and could have led to ADD/ADHD symptoms, poor posture, sleep apnea, poor overall health, alzheimers, stroke, asthma, eczema, depression, anxiety, pelvic floor disorder and much more.

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