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Myofunctional Therapy

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What is Myofunctional Therapy?

What is Myofunctional Therapy

Myofunctional therapy is a program of exercises that target muscles below the eyes and above the shoulders to restore proper function of the muscles. It is neuromuscular re-education for proper orofacial function and form. It is individualized to each person based on needs and function. It is an interdisciplinary and a holistic approach to reducing or even eliminating these signs and symptoms.


Myofunctional disorders are improper orofacial muscle(muscles of the head and neck) function and weak ,overused, or improperly used, muscles that interfere with proper breathing, chewing, swallowing, and growth and development of skeletal airways and jaws

The goals of myofunctional therapy are

*Lips Sealed Day and Night

*Nasal Breathing

*Proper Swallow

*Proper Tongue Posture (Tongue lightly suctioned to the roof of the mouth and teeth slightly apart)

Additional Benefits To Therapy

*Can Eliminate a Tongue Thrust

*Can Eliminate Mouth Breathing

*Can Reduce or Eliminate Snoring

*Can Reduce or Eliminate Obstructive Sleep Apnea (AHI)

*Can Significantly Help With Speech

*Can Reduce Time in Speech Therapy

*Wound Care Management After a Tongue Tie or Lip Tie Release

Interdisciplinary Approach

Myofunctional therapy works with an interdisciplinary approach. I work in collaboration with orthodontists, chiropractors, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, airway centric dentists, craniosacral therapists, release provider, naturopath, and ear nose and throat specialists. Based on my findings after the comprehensive evaluation, I determine and direct you to the best team to address your issues.
Signs and Symptoms of a Disorder

The Steps


Video Consultation

During the video consultation, we go over what your goals are and the issues you are experiencing. We will go over the first step of your journey to becoming healthy. We will go over the commitment that is involved with myofunctional therapy and what myofunctional therapy is.

Comprehensive Exam

Medical Team

With a thorough assessment, we go over medical history, sleep questionnaire, and additional questions will be asked to go into more detail about them. We then do an assessment of the orofacial muscles to look for any orofacial compensations or discrepancies and dysfunction. I asses breathing, chewing, swallowing, and everyday function of the orofacial muscles. Pictures will be asked to be taken prior to and during the exam. The exam will last for an hour. It will take a week to receive a detailed report of my findings and a plan moving forward as well as the interdisciplinary team needed.

Starting Myofunctional Therapy


Therapy is 14 sessions and can last anywhere between 6 months to a year to complete. This can be due to a variety of reasons and variables.

And the Health Effects a Myofunctional Disorder Can Cause

Signs and Symptoms of a Myofunctional Disorder


Erectile Dysfunction
Poor Posture
Dental Caries
Tubular Dysfunction
Speech Problems
Crooked Teeth
Gummy Smile
Hormonal Imbalance
GI Diseases/Issues

Sleep Apnea




Foggy Brain

Digestive issues

Mouth Breathing



Heart Disease



Enlarged Adenoids


TMJ Issues

And More...

Myofunctional disorders ultimately impacts the overall health in                                   detrimental ways

Services Adults/Children

Full Program

100% Teleservice

Adults and Children

Infant/Toddler Wound Management

Happy Family in Nature

Ages 5+. A 6-12 month program. Will be working on muscle strengthening, lip seal, closed mouth, and proper oral rest posture. Patient participation is required for optimal results.

Happy Family in Nature

Infants-3 years old. Preparing an infant or toddler for a tongue tie release and providing wound management with exercises for optimal healing and reducing the risk of re-attachment and scar tissue.

Pre/Post Tongue and Lip Tie release

Included in the myofunctional therapy program Adults/Children


Ages 5+. Myofunctional Therapy is required pre and post tongue and lip tie release for proper healing and gain proper muscle function

Habit Elimination

Included in the myofunctional therapy program Adults/Children

thumb sucking.jpg

Ages 3+. Habit elimination for thumb/finger sucking and nail biting. These habits can create improper muscle patterns/function, and improper jaw development.

Comprehensive Evaluation



 Includes an extensive evaluation. After the evaluation, a carefully planned treatment plan will be given.


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Jackilyn is an absolute gem! I met her through her informative posts online and knew immediately that I needed to book a virtual consult with her. She was thorough, incredibly knowledgeable, and did everything she could to not only help me but to help my infant son. I’ve already recommended her to lots of parents I know whose children are struggling with sleep disordered breathing. Thank you so much Jackilyn!

Jackilyn is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to oral dysfunction. She’s passionate, thorough, and quick to respond to questions. She has helped me learn so much about my child’s airway issues and continues to offer support. I wish I would have found her sooner to start our myo journey earlier. It’s providers like Jackilyn who are putting in the work to help change the trajectory of peoples’ health. She has done this for my children and for myself. Book a virtual consultation and see how she can help you and your family.

So glad to have found Jackie and her practice. She has truly been a blessing for my 12 year old son. I recently found out about my son having a tongue tie and did not know where to turn. Luckily we came across Jackie and she has pretty much held our hand and led the way ever since. The passion, knowledge, and most of all the patience she has really assures us that we are not alone in this journey. Jackie also works with a team of providers behind the scenes which helps take the stress out of wondering what happens next. Our journey is far from over but we know we are in the best of hands!!!

-Sabrina D.

I was hesitant at first to start myofunctional therapy because no one has mentioned it to me before and I have not heard of it around me in Indiana. I have no regrets starting it, believe me when I say, GO ALL IN. I found Jackie through her postings on social media. Jackie is the most kind, caring, compassionate person when it comes to my health and well being. Her knowledge in oral dysfunction and disordered breathing is on point. She has helped me breathe, sleep, and eat better. The pain I was experiencing with my TMJ has almost completely subsided where as before I would have to take pain relievers, and I didn’t even touch the pain. Now, I don’t even need the pain relievers! She’s a blessing!

-Marlee R.

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