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Services 6months-Adults
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***We do not accept insurance***

We offer a pay in full 

3 month payment plans are offered to the myofunctional therapy plan and mini myofunctional therapy plan ONLY with an additional 10.5% charge for each transaction

Our Services

Antelope Canyon



During a consultation you will get a better understanding of what myofunctional therapy is and what it entails.


Myofunctional Therapy

Ages 4+. A 6-12 month program which includes 14 sessions. We begin with an in depth evaluation to determine what we need to work on in therapy and to come up with a plan to improve your goals.  Will be working on tongue and facial muscle strengthening, endurance,  jaw grading, proprioception, proper function, lip seal, breathing through the nose, proper oral rest posture, and habit elimination if needed. We believe in tailoring therapy to the child or adult's needs for best and lasting results.


Mini Myofunctional Therapy Ages 2+

Ages 2+.  Therapy includes 7 fun and interactive sessions with the first session being an evaluation. This program is great for a child that  is not yet ready for a full myofunctional therapy program but can benefit from therapy and get the child ready for the full myofunctional therapy program with a team base approach near you.


Baby 6 -18 months with access to myomunchee bebe and or Advice

Includes access to purchase the myomunchee bebe and a one 30 minute session on how to use the myomunchee bebe with tips and tricks to get your little one using it, and to guide you in the right direction on proper growth and development of the jaws or concerns you have with your child. This can also be use to get general advice.


Speech and Feeding Therapy in AZ

Ages 3 years old and up.  Feeding therapy is more than just “teaching a child to eat.” Therapists work closely with patients and their families to determine the source of the child's difficulties and develop very specific therapies to make the entire process of eating easier and more enjoyable.

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