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Meet The Team

Myosolutions is the first dental hygienist owned myofunctional therapy practice in Tucson. Our unique combination of skills and experience builds a strong communication and relationship with dentists and orthodontists that are likely to engage in patient care.

Meet The Team


Jackilyn Lopez DA, RDH, MAS™, Myofunctional Therapist

I am a native Tucsonan. I have been in the dental field for 10 + years as a dental assistant and dental hygienist . I became a myofunctional therapist after seeing myself and children affected by sleep disordered breathing. I have 3 young children and 2 dogs. I love to do portrait photography and being out in nature camping and hiking. I want to help you and/or your child through the myofunctional therapy process for a healthy life.


Melissa Cox DA, RDH, OMT, Myofunctional Therapist

I I live in beautiful Tucson, AZ, where I was raised. I started my career in the Dental Field in 2004 as a Dental Assistant (working mostly in Pediatrics.) I love to learn and wanted to become a provider to help patients. This led me to becoming a Dental Hygienist. I was very passionate about improving my patients oral health which improves their total body health. I naturally try to look at the "big picture"  or search for the root of the issue. 


 I want to help you achieve your goals and get to the root of the issue. I cannot wait to be on this journey with you. 

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